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The countdown is on! 2 weeks to go!

2 weeks to go...

Today marks two weeks until we set sail on the RV Celtic Explorer. Let the countdown begin!

Our onboard science party comprises of scientists and engineers from Irish, Danish & British universities and institutes covering a range of nationalities. Over the course of 4 weeks we will be surveying the thickness of the Earth’s crust in the North Atlantic.

Celtic Explorer in action (source: Marine Institute)

Covid-19 compliance

In order for the expedition to go ahead safely, the Marine Institute and the PORO-CLIM team are taking thorough and careful measures to reduce the chances of the virus getting on board. The entire team has now entered a two week quarantine prior to departure.

The team have gone through self-screening today and will do so again 24 hours hour prior to departure. All crew will also have to have a negative PCR test before departure. There are strict safety protocols in place onboard & the number of people on board has been reduced.

Since the pandemic began the Marine Institute has worked tirelessly to ensure that there have been no outbreaks related to cruises. We aim to continue this pristine track record and ensure the safety of the entire crew of the PORO CLIM expedition.

Follow along on our adventure!

We’ll be posting regular updates on this blog, as well as on our social media accounts: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Make sure you’re following along on our adventure! ⚓⚓

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