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Meet the Crew: Early Career Scientists

Our onboard Science Party comprises of scientists and engineers from Irish, Danish & British universities and institutes covering a range of nationalities. Over a few post we'll be introducing the team behind the PoRo-CLIM Expedition. Today it's the Early Career Scientists.

The Early Career Scientists are responsible for the outreach for the PoRo-CLIM Expedition.

Small Early Career Scientists or Big Boat? (L-R) Niamh, Erica, Ben, Haleh & Matt.

Matthew Allison

Matthew is a PhD researcher at the University of Birmingham, UK. My research focuses on how the North Atlantic climate has varied through time. I love fieldwork and taking photos and I am really looking forward to setting sail on expedition PORO-CLIM.

Erica Krueger

Erica was born and raised in south Florida and has always had a love for the ocean. She attended Florida Gulf Coast University from 2015 to 2019 where she earned a bachelor of science in marine science with a minor in geology and a master of science in environmental science. She then moved to Dublin to pursue a PhD in geology at Trinity College Dublin, studying the effects of anthropogenic stressors and climate impacts on cold-water coral skeletal structure and biomineralisation. She's never met a dog or a pint she didn't like.

Ben Couvin

Originally from Paris, France, Ben is a PhD Student in University College Dublin. He studies deformation mechanics of submarine landslides on active margins. Ben is passionate about film making and is documenting the expedition. He is also the host of the geoscience podcast iCRAGorama.

Niamh Faulkner

Niamh hails from Dublin and is a PhD Researcher in Trinity College Dublin. She studies carbonate formation for Carbon Capture & Storage. She is an advocate for applying geological thinking to solving the climate crisis and is involved in various initiatives such as Girls into Geoscience and also the co-host of the iCRAGorama podcast.

Haleh Karbala Ali

Haleh obtained her PhD in petroleum exploration engineering at Tehran Polytechnique and worked as seismic data interpreter at National Iranian Oil Company before joining Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) in 2019 as postdoc researcher. Her current research is monitoring and tracking flowing conduits in karst.

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