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Setting Sail

After a two day delay in Galway port we have finally departed!

At 3 o'clock this afternoon the Galway Port pilot came aboard and guided the RV Celtic Explorer out of port. Together with the 13 Scientific Crew there are 15 Crew Members making up the PORO-CLIM Expedition party.

Time-lapse footage of RV Celtic Explorer leaving Galway Port for the PORO-CLIM Expedition.

Prior to our departure we spotted a Galway Port local. Recognisable by his dorsal fin- Nemo the Bottlenose Dolphin. He was obviously coming to wish us good luck on our adventure.

Can you spot Nemo's dorsal fin?

The Pilot boat coming to collect the Pilot

Once we were out of port the pilot boat came along side and picked up the pilot. Our Captain, Denis Rowan, took the helm and sailed us into Galway Bay.

The ladder that the Pilot had to climb down to board the Pilot Boat

Pilot hopping from the RV Celtic Explorer

Once we were under way our Security Officer Kenny Downing took us through a security drill, complete with donning the immersion suits, as expertly modelled by our own Ben Couvin.

Due to a storm in our research areas (peak winds of 45 knots!) we have further delays and will be sheltering in Galway Bay, just off Black Head, Co. Clare until tomorrow evening before heading westward.

However, it's not all that bad, as we have some breathtaking views of the Burren.

Black Head Lighthouse in sight on the starboard side of RV Celtic Explorer

Excellent views of the characteristic karstic landscape and the Carboniferous limestone of the Burren, Co. Clare

Signing off as I watch the sunset.

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